Winter Camp

Winter Camps
(For individual and groups)

Course dates: 20th January to 14th February 2020
Accommodation: Homestay
Classes are divided according the age:
 * classes for 5-7 years old
 * classes for 8-11 years old
 * classes for 12-17 years old

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The older children are divided by ability into one of 5 levels from Beginner/Elementary to

Maximum class sizes:
6 students for 5-11 years old
12 for 12-17 years old.

Classes allow students to quickly feel at home and become independent and confident speakers. Our aim is to increase confidence in spoken English and develop fluency as well as
provide enjoyable, useful and high quality programmes for students.
We teach structured and well-planned classes in which we include communication games, drama, debates, conversation and creative activities.

All the students are given a pre-course test and then orally tested at the beginning of the course and their progress is constantly monitored.

Condition of participation for tuition:
1. Children aged 5-11 must live in homestay or private accommodation with a parent or guardian;
2. Children aged 12 years and above: we can offer homestay accommodation without the student being accompanied by a guardian.

Conditions of participation for activities:
1. Children aged 5-11: must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
2. Children aged 12 or older can attend without parents but adults are welcome to join if activities are running.
3. Children aged 12 or older cannot stay with a host family without afternoon activities.

Lessons – topics each week

All our lessons are designed around different themes to give to the students an opportunity to develop their English skills in motivating and enjoyable ways. We have a topic for each week that ensures students do not repeat work and are always learning new vocabulary and grammar.

The lessons are organized to practise all four skills, develop grammar and expand knowledge of English but focus mainly on speaking and listening.
They offer an opportunity to learn about British culture and values, and are conducted in a natural and relaxing environment and adapted to the age and ability of all students.

Here are some of the main topics:

Music, Youth culture, famous people and drama

Media, cinema, television, radio, poetry and newspapers

Health, wealth and happiness

Space, planets, inventions, gadgets and discoveries

History and bygone times, customs

Sport, entertainment, leisure, occupations

Food-traditional and modern, health and nutrition, restaurants and menus

Nature, flowers, plants, seaside and countryside

Shopping, clothes, fashion and consumerism

Travel, transport, holidays and culture

You are interested in attending our Winter Camp?
Choose one of the thematic programmes

Shakespeare Programme

If you love literature, theatre and history, this programme is designed for you: you will have a chance to discover more about the life of one of the most famous playwrights of all time and learn about his influence through the centuries, which has inspired people around the world.

Harry Potter Programme

We have big news for all the Harry Potter fans at The Heart of England Study Programmes. We have prepared an amazing journey for you that will lead you to discover the magical places of Harry Potter.

Discovering Warwickshire

A trip to Warwickshire, also known as William Shakespeare’s county, offers you the chance to experience the heart of England. From stately homes and historic castles, to meandering towpaths and woodland walks, wonderful Warwickshire has it all.

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If you are interested in attending our Summer Camp, discover our programmes

Thematic programmes for family

If you are a family and you are thinking of attending our Summer Camp all together, choose our FAMILY PROGRAMME: we warmly welcome parents who want to live this experience with their children.


Our family courses are designed for parents and children aged 5-17 to be able to join programmes at the same time. 

We have the perfect solution for active families who want to combine a family holiday with an English course. By booking an English programme for your family, you will be able to enjoy a dynamic family holiday and learn English at a specialized school at the same time!
The children will take part in a special English course and various activities while parents will attend an English course for adults. Families may or may not want to join our afternoon activities and/or weekend excursions. Some families want to stay in host family accommodation and some prefer hotel or self-catering options.


There are various accommodation options depending on the size of the family:

If you do not want to stay with a host family, we can help you to find the right apartment or hotel. All these options are available for you. It is important to know that parents and students will all be based in the same building but on different floors. Adults and children do not share classes. They can meet up at break time and lunch time. If the children are under 12, they must be accompanied by their parents during the activities and excursions.

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