Our destinations 2022

JoStudy knows well the importance of living an experience abroad: it is in view of their professional future and personal fulfilment, through a learning and cultural full immersion, experiencing values such as openness, creativity, courage. It means making new friends, sharing ideas and customs, visiting together new places, the landmarks of important cities in the world.

A language camp is an excellent tool for personal growth and independence, always in a safe, exciting and supervised environment.  JoStudy has inherited the experience of its mother company – one of the best Italian tour operators – with 15 years of operating and over 30.000 students travelling all over the world. In less than 2 years, JoStudy has increasingly grown, acquiring also an English Language School in the UK. JoStudy never stops: always in partnership with other accredited schools, with a choice of accommodation in the most famous cities in the entire world.

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